Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Heath Herring Kiss of Death

Today, I am going to show one of the most funniest things that happened in MMA history. Apparently, a fighter called Yoshihiro Nakao was trying to get under another fighter, Heath Herring's skin or make his way into his heart for New Year's eve. Either way, that is not how you treat a man from Texas and ended with a KO before the bell rang. Next, Heath's corner men were jumped by Yoshihiro's corner men back stage and there a new fight began. But, let me give my Broke Back version of what happened......

It happened like this.. For awhile Heath Herring and Yoshihiro had a deep love for each other that they were keeping secret over cell phone and the Internet. Over the internet they emailed each other constantly about how they wanted to share their love together and maybe have children. Yoshihiro pushed Heath to come open, and to tell the world about their new found relationship. Nevertheless, Heath was a man from Texas and would not consent to this, but rather he would keep his love secret a mystery.

Knowing that the world would never know about the two's secret love affairs, Yoshihiro, challenged Heath to a kick-boxing match at K-1. If Yoshihiro won, Heath would have to spill the beans about their romance, but if Heath won, they would both run off to San Francisco and where disguises to hide their love. 

It was New Years Eve the day they met up at the K-1 Dynamite event. Excited, Yoshihiro could not hold back his love and kissed Heath right on the lips, breaking the deal and angering the Texan who would not be known as a gay man in public. Heath, feeling betrayed, shot back, knocking Yoshihiro out cold with a right fist that toppled his lover. Thus, their relationship ended there and both were disqualified.

Heath hasn't talked to Yoshihiro since, but he does remember that kiss and hoping maybe Yoshihiro has forgiven him...

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